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Free4Ever Now! International

"No Walls Ministry Vision"

We live a God’s Grace with “No Walls” Approach to How We Serve People, Families and Communities, Passionately and Authentically by the L.O.V.E. of God In Us

People, Community, Life, Leadership

Empowering Lives & Transforming Communities.  We Equip You to Become  The Change You want to see

Grow in Faith

Grow In Faith with Our Online Ministry Makes Growing in Faith available for everyone who is seeking God for their lives

Youth Leadership Group

*NEW* Youth Life and Leadership Development

Leadership Assessment Game and  Development


At Free4Ever Now! We believe that everyone has a Purpose In Life

We help You identify your gifts and talents, grow in understanding regarding them, exercise your gifts and talents, and release you to GO and Fulfill Your Purpose

Coming Soon

Join Us for Our Christian Fellowship Service at our Home Church Location on Tuesday Evenings